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The way we provided @Hyway licenses will be changed.
Withoud initial investment costs, whenever you need.

Traditional License Concepts

  • 従来のライセンスの考え方
  • 従来のライセンスの考え方


We have provided traditional @HywayServer license, @HywayBrowser license, annual maintenance.


License Concepts of @HywaySubscription

  • サブスクリプション移行後
  • サブスクリプション移行後
  • @HywaySubscription will provide you @HywayServer license, @HywayBrowser license, annual maintenance fee, and so on. A charging model called monthly usage fee per terminal.



Benefits of @HywaySubscription

  • 【point1】初期投資0円
  • 【point2】運用費激減
  • 【point3】いつでも必要な分だけ
  • 【point4】常に最新の機能

Without Initial investment cost

Unlike the traditional form of selling licenses, the subscription model is available only at monthly cost, so you can reduce upfront investment. You can apply @Hyway, which is even easier to buy than ever before.


Sharp drop in operating costs

The service system includes maintenance costs, so you don’t have to raise the temporary cost when upgrading the version or changing the model, so you can reduce the operating cost.
It also saves you the trouble of managing whether or not a product is maintained, so you can always run it with confidence.


As much as you needs at any time

You can use @Hyway for at least one month.
We have the flexibility to deal with the urgent need for units due to the busy inventory season and events.
In addition to the @Hyway license, we also offer sales and rental services for various hardware such as handy terminals, smartphones, SIMs, and pocket Wi-Fi.


Always up-to-date features

As you apply for @HywaySubscription, you can use the latest modules at any time.
In addition, you can freely select and use the functions you want to use, such as the equipment and devices of the business terminal.
Modules are available on the download-only page (currently being prepared).


You must accept the terms of the subscription agreement and present the application form.
Please contact us Here.
We offer not only the @Hyway license, but also simple applications through cloud services.