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Commodity Lending Management System「Asset@Hyway





Commodity Registration

Register categories, asset names, department names, serial numbers, model numbers, images, etc.

You can also set up rental items and register accessories.



If you want to register the same product (item), you can enter the required information such as asset name and model number in advance, and scan the serial number for continuous registration.

You can issue a label when registering item.(Labels can be issued later.)



Ledger Management

You can search, modify, or delete your registration information by listing it. Click to view details.

You can reissue the label.


Lending Management


You can schedule, search, modify, and delete loans from the list.

You can set the reservation period, loan information, and reservation/demand mail.

You can check the lending status on the Gantt chart. The color will change by status.


Terminal features


Terminal Warehousing
















At the time of return, the terminal scans the barcode and performs the warehousing process.

You can check the image with the Details button.



Terminal Delivery
















At the time of lending, the terminal scans the barcode and processes the shipment.



Terminal Inventory


















Inventory is done by department and group.

Results can be resumed, deleted, and sent to the server.

You can check inventory results on the PC side.


Coming soon additional features

※It will be available in the next phase.